Hot Spots for property In Asia

There is an increasing prevalence of hot spots for foreign investments in Asia. Lot of countries in the region have completely removed their unnecessary restrictions on foreign investors. This has attracted more investment in the property market as well. As a result there was a real boom in the property section of the market in 2007. There was a steady increase in the average occupancy rate of office and residential buildings. The governments in the region have also become alert and have awarded business park sites and industrial sites. In the present circumstances an understanding of the various investment opportunities across Asia will be extremely helpful to you.

Thailand has been a tricky destination for tourists around the world. It is exotic island home to some of the best investment opportunities available in Asia. The influx of travelers from UK has increased as a consequence of budget airlines and consistent backup of expats who live in places like Singapore and Hong Kong. Investors can expect excellent returns from Thai beach property over the next couple of years. Thailand promises to be a profitable investment market for a good part of the next decade.

Seychelles islands are home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. Development has been given top priority in recent years and new laws which attract the investors have been formulated. A man-made island Eden has been constructed and this can be considered another foot forward in creating reliable investment opportunities.

Cambodia is trying to forget its disturbing past and focus on building a happy and prosperous nation. Cambodia is blessed with tropical climates, thick vegetation and enticing beaches. If it makes the right moves there is a lot of space for investment with Cambodia having a turbulent past. Japan recently had some problems in their economy, but they are fighting back quite strongly. Clever investors will realize that Japan is a viable investment option now. Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are places where prices and demand are predicted to rise considerably over the next three years.

With an economy progressing at nearly double-digit numbers, Vietnam is also starting to face shortages in manpower, like China and India. The country’s is all set to enter the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the end of 2006, coupled with its pro-business policies, looks set to be blessed with more investments in the days ahead.

The Philippines has offered some really profitable Asian property investment opportunities. The Philippines is treasured place when it comes to buying property, specifically in the capital city of Manila. They have got good ability to handle English and the business system is quite contemporary. Procuring an apartment and lending it to the workers seems to be the right choice if you are planning to invest in the Philippines. Boracay Island, the Philippine beach property is expected to progress at around 18 per cent per annum across the next few years.

Even though the political atmosphere in Sri Lanka is slightly troublesome there are some compelling attractions in Sri Lanka which has made it a hotspot for tourists the world over. The shrewd investor will find that Sri Lanka is a decent option when it comes to property investment. The major problem for the investors has been the huge taxes they had to pay, even though the inconvenience can be avoided to a certain extent.

There is no shortage of hot spots for foreign investments in Asia. If you are ready to research the market seriously, there are mouth-watering investment opportunities await you.


CASHHOUSEBoth the purchaser as well as the seller can benefit from open house. The seller will be able to display off his off his home and the purchaser will be able to look at the lovely house. Those who want to buy houses would most definitely love to check out houses and at open houses, most deals are made. We can use ‘sale presentations’ to refer to open houses. As a seller it is important to finish off some duties if you want open house to be successful.

Cleaning will top the list of the task you need to perform. All the electrical equipments and every other thing in the house must be neat as a new pin. You can employ a house cleaning service if you do not have the time to clean the house. The amount you incur on cleaning would be of value because you can sell the house fast. In case you are living in the house then it may be a little difficult to maintain a spotless house but you must make an attempt. Make sure that your house look flawless.

Make sure that your house is free from stinking smell. When a prospective purchaser smells a bad odor in the house then he may not buy it. Examine your home for bad smell frequently and make sure you have a stock of room fresheners and candles in your home all the time. In case you keep a cat in the house then scoop daily and remember of keep the trash box away.

You can even get rid of unnecessary furniture to make to house appear bigger. People always prefer roomy houses. Remove all the containers that contain junk. Plan what you should and what you shouldn’t keep in the house. Perhaps you should start a garage sale prior to putting the house on sale. Other wise you can always rent storage space to store your things for a short period.

You can bake cookies or cakes to create a good ambiance. Add some music and candles to it to make your home look out of the world. The type of music should be jazz or classical. After all, you need to show your prospective buyer that your home has classiness and style. Remember that first impression is the last impression most of the time.

If you want to sell off your house then you should be prepared to display it to potential buyers all the time. It is not uncommon to have eleventh-hour requests. Of course, you can mention that buyers will have to make an appointment one day prior to the day of checking out the house but this way you would be restricting your house publicity. It is always good to show flexibility. If you can put up with the busy timetable of the potential buyer then he would appreciate it.

When the potential buyer is checking out your home, do not be there. This is because he may not be at ease and he most probably won’t be able to ask certain questions in your presence. A potential buyer will not buy a house if he is not satisfied with even a single thing. Make him love your house so much that he would buy it.


FetchImageThe strategy adopted for buying and selling a property by a person is usually based on certain factors which are prevalent in the market as well as few other locational and availability of common facilities which include school, transport, market, park and work place etc. It requires some time to check all these things before final selection of a property.

Apart from above, the most important factor remains the availability sufficient funds in advance for which one may have to mobilise various easy access sources i.e. sale of shares, prematurely of fixed deposit, loan against insurance policy and sale of other alternate properties, if available. If a buyer is in sound financial position, he can finalise the deal across the table at a good bargain. An efficient person can make money even while buying a property as well as by selling it. This can be possible by making strong analysis of various factors. Usually when it is buyer’s market they sell their property quickly and seller’s they sell their property quickly and make good profits.

It has been usually seen that the longer the strategy to hold a property, the more the gains are in hand. People who bought properties at throwaway prices say 10-15 years back can’t think to buy similar properties today as the prices have gone through the roof. On the other side those who want to sell their same properties will reap the bumping profits of the booming real estate market. Thus strategically planning plays a pivotal role in buying and selling a property which will always provide a plus point to a person.

Seller Responbilities

Real estate broker showing house to buyers

In the event of selling a home for the first time, many sellers may not know entirely what their responsibilities are in terms of the things that need to be done. Much of what goes on, goes on behind the scenes and is conducted between the agents or realtors that are representing the involved parties. The sellers responsibilities begin and end with what is happening inside the home itself. Let’s get started here, are there any fixes or renovations that the realtor has recommended? If so then this is the best place to start. Hopefully we are not talking large-scale renovations here, ideally there would be little that needs to be done aside from perhaps a few cosmetic upgrades. If this is not the case then you may want to reconsider the time line for the home sale.

It is the sellers primary responsibility to ensure that everything that is in the house works, and works well. Buyers don’t like to see fixtures that don’t work, like leaky faucets, light switches that don’t work and so on. Also try to think about what needs to be replaced. If there is anything that looks as though it was installed in the 70’s then that may be a good place to start. Old light fixtures should be replaced with nice looking new ones that suit the style of the home. This same practice is important for many aspects of the home that may seem a bit out-of-date. These things can quickly drag down the offers that you will receive. It is also the responsibility of the seller to maintain the home in spotless condition so that the realtor can do their job and get as many qualified buyers through the home as possible. Homes really need to be in top condition to garner the kind of interest necessary for a quick sale. The realtor can always give some pointers as to what could help the home sell better but it is the choice of the seller as to whether or not they take that advice. Remember that the real estate market is a fast moving and sometimes tricky game. Your home is competing with many others and it is up to you to distinguish it from the others. Do you have a game plan of what to do to make this happen? If you stay focused on making your home as appealing as possible then you realtor can concentrate on their job, the selling of the home.

Buying And Selling of Property in Korea

Property search in Korea is based on several important factors. In other words, Korean property search is based on the individual preferences as well as requirements of a buyer or a tenant. Discussed further in this article are some of the factors as well as the steps involved in the searching of a property in Korea.

Buying or Renting :
First of all, for property search in Korea, it must be determined whether the property is for buying or for rent. If you choose to buy, then it must be further evaluated whether it is for your accommodation purposes or to rent it out or sell it later for a higher price. In case, if you are planning to buy a property for investment purposes or to rent it, then you must choose a location in Korea that is already developed or with chances to develop. Likewise, when you are searching a property for rental purpose, then you should choose a housing or business space in such a location which is convenient as well as affordable to you.

Both buying and renting options have their own benefits and limitations. For instance, renting may be a great choice when you are planning to stay at a particular location for a short period or when you want to invest your fund in some other options such as share market. But, one of the prime limitations of staying in a rental space is that you cannot make any modification or change in your living space. On the other hand, when you buy a property, you can make almost any change in it, provided you comply with the requirements of local planning. In addition, in the case of renting, the tenant cannot enjoy any benefit as a result of the increase in the property value.

Source of Purchase :
Purchasing a property in Korea depends upon the financial situation of the buyer. Mostly, people lean on mortgages in order to invest in a property here. Since in most cases your house is kept as collateral in order to get loan, it must be kept in mind that your home is at risk and if you make any default in making the loan repayment, you may sometimes lose your property.

Capital Growth :
Another important factor that should be taken into consideration for property search as well as investment is capital growth. In most cases, properties appreciate in value by about 5% or 6% per year. However, this may differ from year to year as well as from regions to regions. This is also further affected by such factors as fluctuations in interest rates, political manipulations, and supply and demand factors.

Rental Yield :
If you are going to invest in a property in order to rent it out, it is important to take into consideration the rental yield of a particular property in Korea, prior to investing in it.

Now we will discuss some of the steps involved in the property search and investment. As the first step, it should be determined in which type of property you prefer to invest. For some it may be residential units in the form of single detached homes, apartments, or villas, while for some it may be commercial or industrial purposes.

There also a category of buyers interested in land investment. As mentioned earlier, the next step is to verify how you would finance for the property. A plethora of financial institutions have now come forward to provide you mortgages at best deals.

With a myriad of real estate firms, realtors, and other related service providers in the scenario, it is not all a tedious process to find a property of your choice in Korea.

Many of the real estate firms in Korea provide services in connection with both buying and renting. There are also some service providers that exclusively deal in vacation rentals as well as all other types of property rentals.

These types of firms handle all kinds of paper works with regard to the leasing, and allow both the owner and tenant to be free from the hassles of rental processes. Likewise, there are also certain firms that solely specialize in buying and selling of property in Korea. They carry out a range of services in connection with the buying and selling, and some even offers the services of expert attorneys to verify the documents of a particular real estate.

Selling a House or Selling a Home?

housequestionsIf you want to properly market your home, consider what exactly it is that you have for sale. Your house might fit many buyers’ criteria, but there will normally be a few critical things that are most important about your house. Identify these and use them in your marketing.

Selling A Home – Marketing Questions To Ask

– Is your asking price higher or lower than similar homes, and why?

– What reasons did your neighbors have for moving here? (Ask recent arrivals.)

– What kind of people buy this type of home, and in this type of neighborhood?

– What good things have people said about your home?

– Are schools, parks, or jobs nearby?

– What lifestyle is associated with this home? (Is it on a golf course or beach?)

Potential buyers need the usual details when they see the listing for your home. But they also need other reasons to come and look at it. If your house has a view, tell them, or better yet, show the view in a photo, instead of the garage. They already know they’re buying a house, and what a garage looks like. Let them know what else they are getting.

Selling A Home – What Does A Buyer Value?

“What are you selling?” You answer this in your marketing, to appeal to the most potential buyers. But the moment a specific buyer comes to see your house, your focus should change to “What are they buying?” If your home meets their needs, you should sell them on the features they like – never mind what you like about the home.

If a buyer mentions that he needs space for a playroom for the kids, show him the convertible basement space. If he never sees the beautiful deck you built out back, so what?! Ask about what he is looking for in a home. It saves you time if there’s no way your home can fit his needs. It also helps you sell the house if you can show him how it fits his needs.

Bottom line? You market to the masses, but sell to the individual. Oh, and you are not selling a house, but selling a home.